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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lovely Layering

For some time now I have been in love with "relaxed layering" particularly as living in Queensland in winter, this provides the perfect solution to what to wear in our wonderful winters! This morning I awoke snuggled under the wool quilt wearing warm pyjamas. After my morning tea and morning email check I am aware that the temperature is rising with an overall goal for today of 30 degrees celcius!

There exist some fantastic labels specialising in jersey basics across all price points. My personal favourites include Staple (new from Mink Pink), Bassike, American Apparel and fabulous New Zealand site

I can start my day in leggings, singlet, tunic, vest and cardigan and slowly remove the pieces as the heat affects me and then as the evening draws near replace them one by one. I love it! Dresses, skirts and pants can be used as well and a fabulous jersey wrap (check out American Vintage) gives you hundreds of options for a fresh take on layering every day.

The key to successful layering (and I tell this to my clients all of the time) is to use fine fabrics in similar tones and colours keeping contrast low to medium. The use of asymmetry in garment hems helps keep the overall look lean and interesting.

The longer the garment the further under it should be and the thicker the garment the closer to the top. Although my personal preference is silks and cotton, silk and viscose jersey don't be afraid to experiment with prints, colour and fabrics but remember, we all want our finished look to be taller and slimmer.

Sara xx