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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sale Sale Sold!

Sale time is upon us and this can be a time for a great many mistakes, because something is drastically reduced and fits should not mean we lose all sense of reason and sanity and buy a lime green mini skirt thinking we have managed a great bargain and great addition to our wardrobe - as this will not be the case!

As always I support the great purchases of bargains that suit our bodies, budget, current wardrobe and lifestyle. If these boxes are all ticked go for it. Make a list of what you want and /or what you need and try not to stray too far from this (I am also a realist and if you LOVE something not on your list and you can wear it three ways, GO FOR IT).

Remember, if it doesn't fit properly, doesn't work with your wardrobe, then don't buy it. Right around the corner (6 to 8 weeks in fact) are the fabulous new season collections and we need some money left for that.

Happy New Year, can you believe that 2010 is upon us and it is going to be a great year. It has been a long time since last I blogged and so much has been happening. I have enjoyed a very busy season with Westfield Garden City, helping their clients ( and some of mine) shop up a storm and have been busily working away on some great new services and opportunities for you all.

Coming soon is the launch of The Image Boutique Membership Program including newsletters, unlimited email and telephone assistance, service discounts, and exclusive access to a wide range of offers and opportunities.  Also in the pipeline is The Image Boutiques Total Wardrobe Management Service so stay tuned and stay in touch.

Happy Shopping
Sara xx